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Modern-day life is busy and complicated. Stay on top of the important things with free, simple and effective email reminders & SMS reminders from Simply Remind Me.

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Never forget an important event again.

Simply Remind Me does exactly what its name suggests: it sends you email reminders & SMS reminders (text message reminders) for the important events in life, so you never miss a beat.

Price tag

Free email reminders

Our reminder app is supported by ads, so we can offer this service for free. SMS reminders start from 8p per credit.

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User manual

Simple SMS reminders

Life is already complicated. Our reminder app is simple and easy to use, and being web-based, it works on desktop and mobile devices.

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Alarm clock

Schedule reminders around you

Send reminders to within the nearest 5 minutes when they will be most useful to you - such as when you get home from work.

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Birthday reminders

With Simply Remind Me's email reminders and SMS reminders, you'll never again forget an important birthday or wedding anniversary.

Set yourself reminders in our reminder app to buy presents or just to give yourself a gentle nudge about an upcoming national holiday, such as Christmas Day.

Each "event" can send you multiple reminders whenever you need them, and a mix of email reminders and SMS reminders.

Use our reminder app to send free email reminders for birthdays or national holidays

Reminders for your Pets

Never forget to give Fido his monthly flea treatment, or book Misty in at the vets for her annual check-up, by setting up free email reminders in our reminder app.

Use Simply Remind Me to send yourself email reminders and SMS reminders for the things that matter for your furry friends.

Reminders can be repeated daily, weekly, monthly or yearly - making them perfect for medication reminders or annual check-ups.

Use our free reminder app to set email reminders for your pets vet trips or medication

Car & Motor MOT or Insurance Reminders

Has your car's MOT expired? Did you forget your insurance renewal is due this month?

Set yourself free email reminders using Simply Remind Me to book appointments or insurance renewals to keep your car on-the-road and legal.

Follow this up with an SMS reminder just before an MOT is due or your insurance expires. You can set up as many reminders as you want - email or SMS - for the same event.

Use the Simply Remind Me reminder app to send free email reminders or SMS reminders to keep your car legal

* Email reminders are free; text message reminders cost 10p per SMS message.

Get your reminders set up and running in minutes.

It only takes a few minutes to set up your Simply Remind Me account and start scheduling reminders.

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