About Simply Remind Me

Andy HeathershawSimply Remind Me does exactly what the name says - it sends you e-mail and SMS (text message) reminders of upcoming events you add to your account.

Hi, I'm Andy Heathershaw - a .NET and PHP software developer based in the UK - and I created the Simply Remind Me app because - put simply - I'm forgetful.

In early 2017, the due date of my car's MOT health-check passed by without me noticing. It was two weeks later before I did notice - a tiny mistake that could have cost me £1,000!

From that point, I decided I needed some kind of reminder when important dates are approaching - so I created Simply Remind Me.

I've worked with some of the brightest tech companies to bring you this service and, best of all, it's free*!

To Simply Remind Me, something you want to be reminded about - such as your car MOT expiring - is an "event." You can add any number of reminders to each event, using a combination of e-mail and SMS text messages.

For example, you could receive an e-mail reminder a month before your MOT expires, allowing you to book it in, followed by a text message reminder a couple of days before the test is due.

To make things easier, I've even built some custom templates for some of the most common, every-day events you want to be reminded about.



* E-mail reminders are free. SMS messages work on a credit basis - you pre-purchase credits to add to your account, and SMS reminders deduct from your credit balance.

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