Event Countdown Pages

Event countdown pages on Simply Remind Me allow you to share the excitement of your upcoming event with the world. Anyone can share your countdown on social media (if you let them.)

This page describes how you can enable a countdown page for your event within the Simply Remind Me reminders app.

Create an event

The first step to enable a countdown page for your event, is to create an event. The event count be a holiday (vacation) or a public holiday, such as Christmas.

See the Getting Started guide for more information.

Enable the public event countdown page

Once you have created your event, tick the "Make this event public" check-box.

Tick the Make Event Public checkbox to create a countdown page for your event.

This will immediately generate a unique address (URL) for your event's very own countdown page. You can use this URL on your Facebook or Twitter accounts, or send it to your friends by e-mail or text message.

Each event in the Simply Remind Me app gets a unique URL for its countdown page.

Customise your countdown page

The Simply Remind Me app provides you with several options to customise your event's countdown page to your own liking.

To customise your page, click the "Customise page" button. The customisation options available are:

Display countdown to event

You can display no countdown at all (if you just want to brag about your upcoming holiday), display the number of months, days and hours, or the total number of days to your event.

Allow sharing on social media

If you tick this option, the Simply Remind Me app will display buttons on your countdown page to allow your visitors to share your page on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn.

Description of the event

Write a detailed description of your event to show to your visitors on your countdown page.

Background image

Upload a high-resolution image which the Simply Remind Me app will display as the background of your page.


Putting it all together

You can see an example of a page that uses all the customisation options in the screenshot below, or view it in your browser here.

An example event countdown page created by the Simply Remind Me app.

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