Scheduling Reminders

Reminders will work the most efficiently for you if you schedule them as close to the time you will be able to act upon them.

For example: if you remind yourself to buy someone a birthday card at 8am in the morning (when you're usually on your way into work) by the time lunchtime rolls around (when you can go and buy the card) you will have probably forgotten all about it!

Simply Remind Me allows you to schedule your e-mail and SMS reminders at 5-minute intervals so you can receive a reminder when it is most important to you.

To set a specific time for a reminder, ensure a date field is highlighted which will show the date picker. Click the clock icon at the bottom of the date picker (highlighted) below to show the time picker.

Use the up and down arrows to select the hour and minutes at which you wish to receive the reminder.

If you are not located in the United Kingdom, please ensure your timezone is selected correctly in your user profile before you schedule any reminders.

To edit your profile, click your name at the top of the screen and click "Edit my profile."


If you change your timezone after you have scheduled some reminders, you will need to adjust the time back to the correct time as the system will have converted the original time to your new timezone setting.

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